It is proven that guilt, worry, stress, depression and anxiety contribute to erectile problems and cause low sexual desire. If a man experiences erectile dysfunction, he may start worrying that it will occur again and again. This often causes or increases anxiety related to sexual performance and may result in chronic sexual problems. If the cycle is insurmountable, it can lead to ED.
Psychological causes of ED often have secondary character to physical causes. Emotional and psychological causes increase the consequences of physical problems.
Relationship problems with a partner can also result in erectile dysfunction. Start improving your relationship to save your sex life or restore it if you have already experienced problems. Intimacy in your relationship, the wish to understand your partner and desire to help him/her will improve your sexual life just like they improve your mutual understanding.
If you consider trying therapy, just do it. Sexual therapy will be most effective if your sex partner also takes part in it. Both partners can learn fresh methods

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