The information in this review appeals to those who wish to keep a healthy lifestyle and live a long and healthy life full of emotions and feelings. Life will not be full if such a great and pleasant part of it as sexual activity is impossible due to some reasons. If you have no problems with potency or if you suffer from ED you should care about your general health to have your sexual life longer and more pleasant.
A great number of studies have proved that keeping general health is the best way to avoid serious diseases and their complications such as erectile dysfunction.
These studies suggest a connection between erectile dysfunction and smoking, excessive alcohol drinking and overeating which leads to obesity. Erectile dysfunction may be prevented of successfully treated if simple rules such as keeping a healthy diet, exercising, spending more time in the open air and having your blood sugar and cholesterol under control are followed.
Overweight males with excess fat in the abdominals have lower male sex hormone levels than men who are not overweight. Men with excess body fat lack testosterone hormones and suffer from ED at higher rates than healthy men.
Start with simple things:
• Eat a healthy low fat diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
• Reduce cholesterol which hardens, narrows, and blocks the arteries in the whole body and particularly in the penis. Make down your cholesterol level through diet, exercise, and medications.
• Try to keep a healthy weight, do not overeat.
• Exercise regularly and be active. The studies have demonstrated that active people rare have problems in sexual life.
• Keep your stress under control, if you are not able to do it yourself, consult your doctor.
• Get rid of smoking and alcohol drinking.

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