Arginine is a natural booster of nitric oxide which is produced in the human body and essential for erection process to occur. The amino acid L-arginine is naturally produced by human organism, and received from such foods as cheese, milk, beef, pork, poultry, fish, wheat, nuts and vegetables.

People having poor nutrition or certain medical conditions are recommended to choose foods rich in arginine.

There were different researches devoted to L-arginine’s effectiveness against erectile dysfunction have produced ambivalent outcomes. A trial conducted in 1999 proposed that  L-arginine in high doses can enhance sexual function, but only in patients with atypical metabolism of nitric oxide which is usually related to  cardiovascular disease.

The study conducted by Bulgarian scientists in 2003 demonstrated that males with ED who received L-arginine in combination with the pine extract pycnogenol had significant progress in sexual function with no adverse reactions.

Arginine can be profitable in the treatment of ED, but it should be administered only by a medical professional because it can interact with certain medications.

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