Before oral ED prescription erectile dysfunction medications became available, general practitioners frequently prescribed yohimbine hydrochloride to the patients having erectile problems. Some of the doctors doubt that medication can be so effective in the treatment of ED in men.
Yohimbe is a plant containing many active chemicals used in pharmacology. It is highly advertised as a component of natural products for body enhancement and improvement of sexual function.
Yohimbe contains an alkaloid – yohimbine, a chemical that causes vasodilation, and thus lowers blood pressure. Yohimbine has a prominent stimulating and aphrodisiac effect.
Yohimbine is a prescription medication in the United States and approved by FDA with a purpose to be used as a dietary supplements in a form of herbal extract and medicine.
The medication may cause easily recognized adverse reactions especially from the nervous system including anxiety attacks and nervousness.
Yohimbe should be taken only with a doctor’s prescriptions who will determine the right dose of the drug. The medication may be toxic if taken in larger doses, so it is absolutely necessary to take correct dose prescribed by your doctor. Certain patients are not recommended to use this medication. Patients with low blood pressure, diabetes, heart, liver or kidney disease should not take Yohimbe because they may experience serious side effects of the drug.

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